Here’s How I 'Doubled Up' On Under Armour...
By Alan Knuckman | June 13, 2018 |

When it comes to the stock market, there are a handful of names that everybody knows, loves and wants to own.

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I’m talking about household names like Apple Inc. (AAPL), Boeing Co. (BA), and McDonald’s Corp. (MCD).

These are stocks you can buy and practically forget about because their returns are so dependable.

As I write, Apple’s up 24% in the last year.

Boeing’s boasting a return of 95% over the same period.

And McDonald’s is cooking with a 12% gain in the last twelve months.

But what if I told you that the stocks that can hand you the biggest and fastest gains are actually the market’s most hated stocks…

I’m talking about the stocks that NO ONE wants to own.

I know it sounds nuts…

But I’ve been playing these stocks to the tune of huge profits — reliably — for the last decade.

In fact, if you’re a longtime subscriber of one of my premium services… you’re doing it, too!

For example, if you’re a Dollar Trade Club member, you’ll recall we closed out a monster 43% gain on Under Armour last week in just under two months. (And we booked a 116% on a UA options trade.)

But here’s what you might not know…

When we scooped up these shares, no one wanted to go near them.

The stock was down some 60% from its high in 2016.

And short sellers were pilling on just as fast as they could.

Here’s the thing…

That’s just when you WANT to own a stock like Under Armour.

I mean, Under Armour is a premiere athletic apparel company. Winners wear their stuff.

The negativity around this stock wasn’t bound to last.

Sure enough, when everyone got on one side of the trade (the downside)… the stock shot up like a rocket!

But of course, this strategy isn’t for everyone.

It takes a pretty strong stomach to put on trades like these.

That said, the payoff potential is HUGE.

We did the same thing with Brazilian oil driller Petrobras (PBR) — buying them at the bottom in early January when the short sellers couldn’t get short fast enough.

The company was reeling from a major corruption scandal.

And just a few months later, oil rallied… and stock soared.

We cashed out with a 50% winner.


Trading hated stocks like these is my bread and butter.

And now I’m sharing every detail of my strategy.

If you choose to go further, you’ll learn how to collect $11,000 from a company that’s hated by its own customers…

$21,945 from a biotech firm that was bleeding cash…

Or even $15,315 from a company whose top executives were arrested…

Heck, you may never want to trade a “darling” stock again!

I wouldn’t blame you, either.

These stocks are often cheap as hell, undervalued by nearly everyone, and poised to pop!

This article originally appeared on The Daily Reckoning.