Warning: Protect Your Shares In This Sector
By Brian Weepie | May 22, 2015 |

The recent move in oil prices may be less about fundamentals and more about the drop inĀ ...

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A "Buy Now" Signal Most Investors Didn't See
By Michael Kahn | May 22, 2015 |
If you're only looking at the short-term charts for this stock, you may not realize that it is about to break out.
This Beaten-Down Industry Leader Is About To Take Off
By Tim Maverick | May 22, 2015 |
Earlier this month, this company raised its profit guidance for 2015, reporting strong demand in China, the United States, and Brazil. Here's how to get in on the profits.
Own This Cable Provider Before It Gets Sold
By Joseph Hogue | May 22, 2015 |
In the cable industry, it's going to take drastic changes to remain competitive. That's why this CEO might have just put his company up for sale. Here's how to position your portfolio.
Now Is The Time To Short This Troubled Stock
By David Sterman | May 22, 2015 |
An ugly cash flow statement could come back to bite -- and sooner than many realize. Here's why a short position could pay off.
The Secret To Constant Profits... Even In A Recession
By Amber Hestla | May 20, 2015 |
Many experts are predicting the next recession soon, but I've discovered a trick to keep profiting even when times are tough. I call it "renting stocks."
Beware Of Fracking: Einhorn Says To Steer Clear Of These Oil Stocks
By Tim Maverick | May 20, 2015 |
With new uncertainty in the oil & gas sector, now is the time to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Inside The Market: The 2 Most Important Charts To Watch This Month
By John Kosar | May 20, 2015 |
These two charts hold the key to predicting upside in the market, but keep an eye on them. A downward trend may be on the way...
The Next Megatrend? This Could Be America's Next Skyrocketing Sector
By Andy Obermueller | May 20, 2015 |
Some might look at this industry and worry that they've missed the boat, but this $95.6 billion industry is projected to grow by 63% by 2019.
Top Executives Are Loading Up On These 6 Stocks
By David Sterman | May 20, 2015 |
When it comes to insider activities, actions speak louder than words. Find out which executives are betting on themselves to bring in sizeable gains.
Our Favorite Way To Profit On Europe's Stimulus Package
By Brian Hunt | May 20, 2015 |
Europe is struggling with slow economic growth and large debts, and European politicians desperately want to play "catch-up" with their American counterparts. So, they are pouring dollars into their economy, much to the delight of savvy investors.